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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 4, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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>> hello everybody. dana perino, it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." >> talking about american culture in decline for some time here on "the five." remember that reality show all my baby's mamas about the guy with 11 kids with one woman and honey boo-boo, make you a dollar, but there's no way some has-been frequentshow celebrate could get air time. right? ladies and gentlemen, bee hold, dennis rodman and george stephanopoulos talking about this meeting with the north korean dictator, kim jong-un. >> if you don't want to do that, you don't have to do that. at it more like it's -- a diplomat. i don't want to do that.
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>> sounds like you're apologizing for him? >> i'm not apologizing for him. he is a good guy to me. he is my friend. i don't condone what he does, but at far as person to person, he is my friend. of course what he does, -- >> if that's not enough. here's a little more. >> i sat with him for two days, and the one thing he asked me to give obama something to say and do one thing. he want obama to do one thing. call him. he loves basketball. obama loves basketball. let's start there let's start there. >> oh, boy. where do you start? fascinating. >> the ratings are going to be good. people want to watch something like that even though it has no place on the sunday news talk shows given the topics they normally talk about.
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the out fit making a mockery of a situation where people are suffering and children starving. he has no place doing this and how did he get approved to go over there? >> i don't know, greg, at one point he tweeted about meeting sly from daniel style. don't think he realized he was in north korea. >> he is now part of the state department so maybe he can get some answers on benghazi. he dressed almost like a human version of north korea, irrelevant and uncool and raises the question, what happens when you were once cool you head the nose rings and the tattoos, and then you're over 50, you end up dressing like a ship captain for a children's tv show. and you're kind of pathetic, and that's -- north korea has a better future than dennis rodman, and he is just espousing idocy. what do you expect from him in that was more entertaining than anything on this week.
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>> should we -- do we want our sunday talk shows about american politics and what is going on -- do we want dennis rodman said sitting there? >> sure. it's a free country do whatever you want to too, and now we're talking about it in the a-block of "the five." where is the outrage from the media? where is holy's outrage for this stunt that was done in conjunction with hbo films and vice media. where are the human rights activists? where is susan sarandon, ashley judd? anyone going to speak up and say anything about the outrage that was just perpetrated on us? and donald trump should have condemned it. he praised him. i think donald trump should have said how much they gave you, dennis rodman, i will give -- you give that money back. i will pay you that and then he would be a hero to the human rights activists and would have got then p.r. he was looking for
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anyway. >> kim jong-un has a long history of prison camps, concentration camps, people starving, but dennis rodman says obama should give him a call. >> don't forget he is my friend, as he said. and there's the phrase, two of the grandfather and the father two of the great butchers of all-time. when i was at the state department a met a lot of whacky diplomats. the guy can take the cake. >> well intentioned. >> you think somebody would have briefed him on the human rights conditions. but, no, he says a good guy america friend. that's his problem to deal with. it's not just -- we haven't had anybody sit noun north korea as far as i know, franklin graham, billy graham's son. outside of that they won't talk to any diplomats from the united states but they talk to dennis rodman and the hard blem globetrotter, i think all of that can be -- i think this is
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counterproductive and made america look like idiots. >> the interesting thing about dennis rodman. he said exactly what most professors say, when you -- they asked him about the prison camps and he said we do the same thing here. he just mimicked everything you have heard on every campus, which there is no good and evil. everything is through the prism of moral relativism. the stuff that happens in america is no better, perhaps worse, than what happens in north korea. they use the same argument with the ussr. when you criticize the ussr a celebrity would say, you're just as bad. so really he -- he -- >> were the koreans laughing, all the rest of our north korean friends, these are americans. this is what america is about. >> that's why it was a complete mockery. isn't anybody concerned how bizarrely weird and insane appearing kim jong-un in the
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fact he wanted dennis rodman to come visit. >> did bill richardson meet with this guy outhowled man. >> they went recently. >> some rope i thought rodman -- >> may have been before. this doesn't hurt us here in america. but you can bet that kim jong-un will take that clip and run it all over the state-run media and look how dennis rodman loves me. and therefore you're to loaf me, too. >> he is a hero in america. >> he said everybody loved him. everybody loves ewan. but you can imagine who they stuffed that hall with. >> let's move on. speaking of tough meetings, for a mere 500 brand you can get a sitdown with jay carney, asked today if the president was for sale. watch. >> any notion there's a set price for a meeting with the president of the united states is just wrong. the president would likely meet with their representatives to discuss his agenda but any notion there's a price for meeting with the president is
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simply wrong. >> dana, we reported -- "the new york times" reported -- said for a 500 grand you get a meeting, quarterly meetings, the "washington post" editorial -- a "new york times" reporter that is going to make this kind of news would have checked and had the journalistic integrity to at least have a couple sources. i don't know what his sourcing was. but he didn't pull the idea out of thin air. obviously there are some donors who talk to "the new york times" who thought that is what the shrink the nod meant at the meeting. if they gave x amount they would get y access. >> that's a thought. >> the first meeting they're going to have if with messina and plough. i don't know one president with big donors are not at least willing to meet with them. i don't understand what this is.
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a lot of hypocrisy here. obama isn't the first person to meet with people who gave my to him. >> he said he wouldn't do it. >> you literally get scheduled quarterly meetings with the most powerful man on the face of the earth. >> it's great. said the price isn't set. that's not saying there isn't a price. >> it's unlimited. >> it's like going to a gentleman's club and the say there's no cover and you get in there and for a thousand dollars you get watered down champagne. there's a price. we all know this. >> kim jong-un, adding up his money right now to make the contribution. see if we can get him over here. >> tax treatment, this is -- they applied for 501c status, which is social welfare. >> the coke brothers have it? >> there you go. >> i just asked you a question. is that not the same -- >> we were talking about whether
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or not you can pay five hundred grabbed and get a sitdowns with the president. >> can i make one more point about rodman? he said all he wants to do is have the president call him. can you imagine that? all you got to do is pick up the phone and call me. as if the president of theists is going to call him. >> how beside the old adage the fish rots from the head? what does it say about the white house when the president plate tenantly lies to we the people. >> when we add it up, it's the equivalent in hour0s 5,000 border patrol agents. >> there are teachers now who are getting pink slips. >> flights to major cities like new york, chicago, san francisco and others, could experience delays up to 90 minutes starting tomorrow. everybody here, all the folks cleaning the floors at the capitol. now that congress has left, somebody is going to be vacuuming and cleaning the floors and throwing out the garbage. they're going to have less pay. >> oops.
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got caught "washington post" gave the commander in chief four pinocchios for those fibs. >> i'm uncomfortable for the press office because when they got the phone call from the capitol that said, well, actually, that's not the case, everybody is fine, that is embarrassing, first of all. the second -- it's pretty bad when the president of the united states is scaring people they're not going to have their jobs. for somebody that is living month-to-month, paycheck to paycheck, that's serious business and then as the employer you have to say, the president is wrong. very weird. >> the sequestration is smoking a pack of cigarettes and saying next year you're only going to smoke a pack of cigarettes and a quarter more. that's what sequestration is. the fact is we as a people lost 4% of our earned income, and gas prices are soaring. yet it's not a big deal we're losing our money but it's a big deal the government has to cut pennies on the dollar, which
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implies that none of our money is wasted in government, they have to argue about pen nies. >> there was a tax vacation -- vacation tax. today there were people who were laid off or given furloughs out of the immigration service. >> it wasn't the janitors on capitol hill and that's the point. the president said something, the media follows up on it. you got to make sure the president, what he has is accurate. >> the way arne duncan said it was go to be and not the way janet napolitano said it would we or ray la hood. >> ed did it drive you contracts the next day we turned over $250 million to muslim brotherhood? >> that's got to hurt. where are are our priorities? what kind of country are we running sneer and then the bold-faced lies, the panic about the sequestration, it's awful. if this is what politics is
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today, who wantonizes part of it. >> people are going to be fewer lowed and laid off. and the thing about the muslim brotherhood. they gave it the government of egypt. they've been giving the bills for a long time. >> janitors can't bet fade put send 250 municipal. >> to the mb. >> jodi arias returns to the stand after breaking down during cross-examination last week. we'll show you what happened today. and guess who else returned to a courtroom? case ya -- casey anthony. anthony, arias, coming up. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult.
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>> day 26 in the trial of accused murderer jodi arias, back on the witness stand for the 14th day. charged with kill herring lover travis alexander. she pleaded self conversation. prosecutors argued otherwise. today it was the defense team's
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turn to ask the questions. >> were you forced to testify? >> no. >> when you chose to testify, did you do so with the idea that the lies you told would be called into question? >> yes. >> one of the first questions i asked you was whether or not you killed travis alexander on june 4, 2008. do you recall that? >> yes. >> and due recall your answer to that question? >> he was t me so i was defending myself. >> all right. well, the prosecutor hit her with questions like this. >> you're saying you're not lying here. is that what you're telling us is the truth. >> yes. >> but you are telling us that when you spoke with the detective, that wasn't true. correct? whatever you say you told him. >> well, anything -- some things were not true. >> yet you lied the detective. >> yes. >> did you also lie to "48 hours." >> yes. >> did you lie to daniel
2:20 pm
freeman? >> everybody. >> there she goes, anyone else? have how been rifted by the trial? >> it's crazy. that was juan martinez, examining her last week. he was taking it right to her. she was failing. she admitted to lying to "48 hours" to everyone, police. the interesting thing is at first she said she found travis alexander dead. then they realize there are pictures on a camera that had her in his apartment at the time of death so she said she was with him but there was a couple -- a masked couple that came and killed him and let her go then now she is saying it's self-defense because he was in sort of sexual deviant and she was scared for her life and she killed him. it goes on and on. the question is have is why is she even on the stand? can't she stay off the stand? >> not going to do her any opinion to stay off the stand. she has to make an explanation.
2:21 pm
she has changed their defense. they have to put on some kind of affirmative defense to say she was abused verbally, this was a bizarre relationship. she felt she had no other choice but to kill him and act to defend herself. they're trying make her the victim. the question is, were they able to come back and do any kind of damage control based on really the prosecutorial beat showing took. >> agot all the evidence they need on this woman. she threw the gun away. but what i'm wondering whether the prosecutor, who was so tough on her, day in and day out, day in and day out, there is a time when you can overdo it as a prosecutor? >> you can. you have to know not to ask that one question too many or to beat up on the person on the stand, whether it's a witness testifying for the defense, whether it's the defendant themselves, because you can turn off people if you come off sort of as the bully. >> the judge admonished him
2:22 pm
several times -- >> to dial back. just depends if that's going to be enough to kind of offset the horrific things she is accused of doing and the most -- take a breath. >> when your appearance post crime is nonsexual compared to your appearance precrime, we you go from hot to not you are a psychokiller. that's a rule. every suspect who has adjusted their look, that is a murderer. i notice -- >> reverse makeover? >> do you notice that women with two syllable first names and three syllable last names are generally evil in. >> you eave oo-di, arways, casey anthony. dana perino. just a matter of time before you explode. and their are bodies everywhere. >> thank you for that message from our sponsor, hooked on phonics. dana, your thoughts. >> i don't have that -- she
2:23 pm
admitted to killing -- she admitted she was there, killed him, it was self-defense and the question whether it was or not. let the jury decide. >> that's a whole lot of killing. some didn't just kill him. she really killed him. >> make sure he was dead. >> juan martinez should be the next attorney general. he is the best prosecutor. relentless, has every -- >> what's his position on the voting rights act? >> i don't know. >> go ahead. we have to get to casey anthony. she has come out of hiding. >> just going to say we need to have a political movement for evil people. there's a lot of -- i feel a lot of social bigotry here toward the bad. and i think we should stop calling them evil and start calling. the morally challenged and stop treating them like inferior people. >> chev said she's not going to write a book about this, which is the only thing she can may some money on maybe. the lawyer is her biggest creditor. who in their right mind would
2:24 pm
take this woman on? >> think you'll be on tv every day. that's what they want. >> big deal with casey anthony in court and the bankruptcy proceed examination everybody suing her. she has done a good job of staying in hiding. she sees the circus outside the courtroom and the drama. knows no end with this woman. >> remember jose bias, he saved her. he used to come on fox all the time, he is a great lawyer. but now he is suing her because she owes him money, too. >> is this any surprise? >> at -- >> they have to have a judgment against her, in case she comes into money in the future and they can't just walk away from this thing, should have known better. >> if she writes a book five years from now -- year wouldn't you try to do that? that's what lawyers do. >> a celebrity, and a movie, and then they made a second movie, and then she sued him because she was married to him when he made the first movie. can't tell you who it is.
2:25 pm
because it would give away my sources and i think their children are friends. >> ah-ha. >> case is getting more interesting by the second. >> directly ahead, said to make his first -- is jeb bush cracking open the door for a presidential run in 2016? you will hear from him next on "the five."
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: all right. the 2016 presidential election may seem like a long way off, but is it too early to
2:30 pm
speculate? jeb bush, former governor of florida is the latest presidential contender to be asked. watch. >> are you going to run in 2016? >> that is way off in the future. i have a voice. i want to share my beliefs about how the conservative movement and republican party can regain the footing. we lost our way. >> you clearly have not ruled out, you will not definitively rule out a run for president in 2016? >> i won't. but i am not going to declare today either, matt. >> dana: kimberly, your thoughts? >> i'm a big fan of his. it always have. i like his ideas. he's very passionate about a number of issues that are important. tough issues that are facing the country. not afraid to put forward solutions. i mean, you can tell he deeply cares about the american people and children and doing something as well about immigration. that being said, it would be great if he would jump in 2016. a lot of people were disappointed he didn't jump in last time around. >> dana: too early, bob?
2:31 pm
>> bob: not too early. this is marco rubio's worst nightmare. >> dana: and they're good friends. >> bob: you see what happens with friendship when you run the same state. i'd be curious a poll between the two of them now in florida. >> kimberly: do one. >> bob: the thing about bush, he is married to hispanic woman, correct? >> kimberly: lovely. >> dana: yes. >> bob: he speaks spanish. long record of like his brother george of having good relationship with the hispanic community. i have to think that was rubio's biggest selling point. if bush gets in the middle of that, it takes away florida as an issue but the hispanic piece. >> kimberly: neutralizes rubio. >> bob: absolutely. >> dana: the reason he was out today doing this was not to announce he was going to run for office. it is about a book he has out on immigration. take a listen and get your thoughts. >> immigration is a get away issue. it's not the dominant issue for asian-americans and hispanic-americans but a gateway. if you send a tone that you
2:32 pm
don't want people to be part of your team, they don't join. >> we can't be reactionary. je to have a positive, proactive set of policies, and we need to persuade. we need to listen to people and we need to persuade. >> dana: what do you think? >> eric: he is 100% right. i agree with bob, this is marco rubio's worst nightmare. the establishment, he has the instruction, the money connections the hispanic background. the strength of the hispanic vote, probably, is as 43 did as well. yeah, i am guessing marco rubio -- the problem. the g.o.p. again, are they going to split a vote again? are they going to have rubio fighting bush for the same set of eyeballs? same set of votes? really need to coalesce around one strong -- >> kimberly: guess what? what if they do this? what if they activate? bond together. that's what they should do. >> dana: activate. we could make up like a tall person. together. greg, your thoughts?
2:33 pm
>> greg: i wish the republican party would stop acting like woody allen and engage in this public self-analysis. how we're all in disarray. just win, baby, the raiders. i don't remember the left airing so much dirty laundry in the bush years about their party being in disarray. they galvanized behind their strongest candidate. and they won. i don't know why the republican party has to help their adversaries. just a comment on what the second sound on tape you used. i do agree. i think he is making, he is sounding the right, he is saying the right stuff. you vo distinguish freedom of opportunity and free stuff. i think people come here for freedom of opportunity. not for free stuff. >> kimberly: they do now. they stay for the free stuff. >> greg: the free stuff is economic slavery and freedom is economic opportunity. the republicans have to distinguish that. they can't mimic obama. >> kimberly: the voters
2:34 pm
don't seem to care. >> dana: the democrats. the most difficult primary that they have gone through in many decades was obama-clinton. >> greg: right. >> dana: that was -- >> greg: that was an embarrassment of riches, though, for them. >> dana: good point. >> greg: too strong candidates. >> eric: what do you think? >> dana: well, in full disclosure, i'm an unabashed fan of the bushes. i think he is quite different from his brother. they have had different tracks in terms of their private life. like jeb bush is now in the private sector, president bush 43 had done it first. president bush 41, talk about embarrassment of riches in terms of the blessing from a family and leaders. i am tongue tied because i'm not going to weigh in with personal feelings but i think he is a good -- >> bob: he has a plan written out about immigration. which i think is important.
2:35 pm
the other thing -- >> dana: and education. right. >> bob: and dana gave me something before we started the show which is important for all of you to understand. immigrants use public immigrants than foreign native born citizens. >> eric: before we go. they are telling to us go. kimberly and i heard him speak at the convention. >> dana: where they had people come in, education. >> eric: education speech. >> dana: he is independently successful. what he did in florida was turn things around. i'm with you, bob. i want to see a poll. >> bob: the other thing i'll say with all due respect to his brothers, but he has seen more -- he is seen more of an intellectual guy. gets in details. >> dana: oh, brother. >> bob: that wasn't a shot. >> kimberly: you are saying perception. >> bob: because he drills down in issues like education and immigration. >> dana: what was no child left behind and immigration reform bill? >> bob: i knew i should haven't said that. >> greg: what about bully
2:36 pm
bush? anheuser-busch. >> kimberly: spelled differently. >> dana: why are you beating around the bush? i tried to use it. didn't work. female kicker is likely kicking herself after fumbling her historic try-out in the n.f.l. greg on her 15 minutes of fame next on "the five." ♪ ♪ humans. even when we cross our t's and dot our i's, we still run into problems. namely, other humans. which is why at liberty mutual insurance, to policies come with new car replacement and accident forgiveness if you qualify. see what ee comes standard at liberty mutual insurance.
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here today, the administration's continued backtracking of the doom and gloom scenario for the sequester. tonight on "special report," automatic cuts in the growth of federal spending have not produced the worst state outcomes that many of the administration predicted. while the sequester is kicking in, lawmakers are getting
2:41 pm
ready for another budget fight. this time over the continuing resolution. mitt romney says he thinks president obama is more interested in getting nothing done in the next two years, so democrats have a shot at taking the house. romney and his wife spoke with chris wallace last week. the president's pick to run the c.i.a. faces a crucial committee vote this week. lawmakers from both parties have problems with john brennan over benghazi. and u.s. policy on drones. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now let's send it back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> greg: so often news is nothing but manufacturered fluff, designed to bolster fake assumptions which is why most of it never gets a followup. the initial story is nice but the reality that follows isn't.
2:42 pm
it's why you were bombarded by stuff about the pregnant man. the girl who became a guy. then the first pregnant dad. breaking the -- gracing the cover of "people" and fawned over by barbara walters. but what about the nasty divorce this followed later? where is sh he now? the lady kicker trying out for n.f.l., another you, go, girl piece and it smells likebe bogus puffery. laura silverman attempt ended badly. how badly this? badly. >> greg: man. i think i need to see that again. >> greg: dana could do a better job. the response the distance wasn't there, but hopefully the scouts will notice my
2:43 pm
technique. it's not always length. yeah. the most common lie ever. her attempt was so bad it left it wondering if she was promoting her own business? if so, good for her. i'm more the squat of scamming. the fact she duped the press thinking she had a chance on the earnest blind baloney makes her a savvy business lady. the kicks didn't go far but something tells me she will. once in a while there is a person in the media sees through the lies. they don't get the accolades they deserve. i came up with an media award. here it is. >> the international greg gutfeld media award for media analysis, incorporated. [ laughter ] so i was thinking who really got to story first? i thought that person should get the first award. really, really, really smart guy. we have a slip of him talking
2:44 pm
about the kicker -- clip of him talking about kicker. >> i get suspicious because you hear the story at the beginning of the story but never the second part. you never hear the perp getting on the team. we only hear this part of the story. then we move on to something else. >> you really nailed this story, eric. >> you go, greg, you go. >> kimberly: maybe he could fill in for you. >> greg: it's kind of annoying and he has an odor problem i noticed. >> eric: what is it with the monologue she snowed the media and it's cool or the media pats themselveses on back? >> kimberly: both. both. >> greg: both. the media likes shaggy dog stories that are seemingly unusual and then they never follow through when they go bad. that is point i was making. >> bob: she was kicking for jets and with that kick she might make it.
2:45 pm
she had injured quad. >> it's impossible to kick a football that short of a distance. >> kimberly: supposedly she injured it on the first attempt. >> dana: that was an attempt. >> kimberly: i was being generous. >> bob: hopefully the coaches will look at her form? all right. all right. >> kimberly: i could kick further in the lubitons. >> greg: bob, stop. dana? thoughts? >> dana: we created one more thing and these stories are perfect for that. we could talk about the fluffys we have done that turn to nothing later on. it reminds me of a show you know the show "teen mom?" this is great. teen moms then on the cover of "people" magazine a year later when tv doesn't want them
2:46 pm
anymore. then they are discredited. >> bob: there was a guy who was a pregnant guy supposedly? >> greg: yes, there was. i love how you missed that story. >> bob: did he get himself pregnant? how did it happen? >> dana: we'll tell you in break. >> greg: i love you. still to come, nurse refuses to give cpr to a dying patient. despite 911 dispatcher plea for help. >> this woman is not breathing. she will die if we don't get this started. >> i understand. i am a nurse. >> we're going to let this lady die? >> greg: he is could have saved a life but saved her job instead. bad call? next on "the five." ♪ ♪ the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight.
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campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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♪ ♪ >> bob: welcome back to "the five." if you come and visit us here, go across the place. it'the street, a great place. last week, a nurse named colleen called 911 for paramedics to come and revive her because the facility
2:51 pm
doesn't allow employees to perform 911. can you believe that? the 911 operator pleaded to get someone to help. here is the call. >> bob: that is unbelievable st. response from the health facility, our practice is to call emergency personnel for assistance. we are not allowed to give cpr. that is the protocol we followed. now what in the world -- this is a nurse. it can understand if it was the janitor maybe, but this is a nurse. >> kimberly: janitor
2:52 pm
probably would have helped. this is the worst -- how could you allow another tube die that you could help? this sickens me. she might be the worst person i heard about in the last six months. do think people should be friends with her. >> eric: the reason why she didn't help was for legal reasons. >> kimberly: so what? >> eric: true story. i got a true story. die if i'm lying. ten years ago i'm in puerto rico. a guy falls off his raft. he is seizing up. he has a seizure. we pull him out. i give him cpr. working on him for 15, 20 minutes. three other people helping. taking turns. he survived. on the way before he gets on the helicopter, a nurse swings over and comes over and says i'm a nurse. why didn't you help? she sid you had it under control and honestly there are a lot of legal reasons i couldn't do it. this is disgusting. you are hired as a nurse and fired as a human being. >> greg: this goes back to the invisible elephant in every room is a lawyer. people are scared of being
2:53 pm
sued. there is an amazing story in 1999, a woman sued red cross for giving, getting herpes from improperly cleaned mannequin. she was learning cpr and claim she got it herpes. probably didn't get it from the mannequin. probably got it from her husband but a different story. but people sue. what if this woman was incapacitated state for the rest of her life? >> dana: i'll defend the nurse. if you read the article, the woman that died, her daughter reportedly said she was satisfied with the level of care her mother received. okay, so if the daughter was satisfied why do we care? >> eric: she is a nurse, the nurse. >> dana: daughter is satisfied. >> kimberly: we should care based on being decent human beings to say this poor woman didn't have to die. she didn't have a dnr order. if i look like i'm about to
2:54 pm
die, resuscitate me. help me. nobody there could do it? >> dana: this is a trial lawyers fault for the democrats. therefore it's the democrats fault. >> kimberly: good luck collecting from a jury when you save someone's life. they don't prefrom vail on this stuff. >> eric: isn't there a law that if you help someone on the side of the road you don't get sued? >> kimberly: she is saying on the nursing, news flash to you, if you love your family members don't put them in that home. >> dana: this is standard across the industry. >> bob: da standardly one more thing. ♪ ♪
2:55 pm
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2:58 pm
>> eric: time for one more thing. google has sergi but we have kim. >> kimberly: i have honey boo boo, i if you miss her. this is a sweet story. she raised a tremendous amount of money for the girl scouts in the local area. troop 60373. she had them buy a lot of them. but girl scouts said we prohibit the online sales.
2:59 pm
it's leadership and work ethic building experience for the girls to go face to face and rejection or acceptance and deliver cookies. >> dana: most people have the mom and dad take the order form to the office. >> kimberly: thin mins. >> dana: they need -- >> kimberly: weren't you a camp fire girl, too? >> dana: i was. >> eric: saltier than turkey leg at a state fair. greg? >> greg: is this your thing? i have only been doing it for five years. move the goalpost. that is the banned phrase for today. that and the sports term for lying. >> dana: they needed to move the goalpost for the kicker. >> eric: i won't read your
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